"The service was excellent. I had a clear goal in mind, and with my therapist’s help, I’ve come a long way to attaining it in just a matter of weeks.


A recent bereavement had unleashed a torrent of destabilising emotions and I needed professional therapy to help me work through my feelings.


I feel so much better now. Those people closest to me have seen a positive improvement in my ability to cope with and manage potentially difficult situations.


I had my session via Zoom because of the pandemic.  Online therapy is very convenient and made the  service extremely flexible"

- L

'I've come so far from where I was when I first started working with you, I'm so much happier and healthier because of your patience, kindness and support. You've been one of the most supportive people in one of the most difficult times in my life and I won't ever forget you!'

- B


"I am truly grateful for your help and the professional service you provided. I am in a far better place now and would certainly contact you again if I felt the need to do so"

- V