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"The service was excellent. I had a clear goal in mind, and with my therapist’s help, I’ve come a long way to attaining it in just a matter of weeks.


A recent bereavement had unleashed a torrent of destabilising emotions and I needed professional therapy to help me work through my feelings.


I feel so much better now. Those people closest to me have seen a positive improvement in my ability to cope with and manage potentially difficult situations.


I had my session via Zoom because of the pandemic.  Online therapy is very convenient and made the  service extremely flexible"


"Thank you for all your help. I have worked through my anxieties, fears and can Identify triggers so I can manage my emotions better. I no longer feel guilt for feeling. I'm in a much better headspace thanks to your help".


"I am truly grateful for your help and the professional service you provided. I am in a far better place now and would certainly contact you again if I felt the need to do so"


"Hannah was incredibly patient and I really appreciated her collaborative approach to my sessions by listening, making well thought out suggestions and inviting me to give my opinion on what she said. In my first session, I said that I wanted to be able feel and understand my emotions – in particular my negative ones – more effectively, but I had no understanding of what that would entail or what that even looked like. Hannah helped me find room for them, to give them a place at my table and to treat them with compassion by the end of our sessions. 

I have zero reservations in recommending Hannah to anyone. She goes above and beyond, and I am so happy to have been able to work with her"


"Hannah made me feel completely accepted as a person, when I was experiencing a lot of issues, she was always able to calm me down and direct me to relevant resources. She effectively listened to me exploring issues every week and challenged me on particular aspects to make me get to the root of my problems, allowing me to think clearly and effectively. Many of the techniques she has taught me I am using in day-to-day life."

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