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Privacy Policy



Hannah Ruby's privacy policy ensures that any information provided through this site will be kept confidential. You will not be contacted unless you would like to be contacted. For example, you send an email or call Hannah Ruby. Personal details will never be shared to a third party without your permission. If you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us.




Once you have made contact with us via the website your information will be stored solely for the purposes of contacting you regarding therapy and communication purposes. Once therapy has stopped all contact details will be deleted digitally. Records will be kept for 5 years in a locked file. After this the data will be destroyed. Notes are kept electronically in a password protected file, notes are brief and used for supervision purposes.


If you choose for your information not to be stored then this will mean that eligibility for therapy will be impacted. Avow Vitality will need contact details in order for therapy to be arranged.




Hannah Ruby's cookies enables you to add comments to the website – There is no way to stop these cookies other than to not use the site.


This site includes functions provided by third parties such as Instagram and Facebook. The privacy implications will vary dependent upon the social network privacy settings you have chosen on their networks.


Cookies are also used to gain visitor statistics including how many people have visited the site, what technology was used (windows or mac – and whether the functions for the technology is working or not), how long the site is looked at for and what page is being looked at etc. Google analytics is used.


Cookies can usually be turned off by adjusting these settings in your browser. If cookies are turned off it will limit the functionality of the sites


If you require more information do not hesitate to contact us.

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